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So I was settling in for a night in the house when Seanie appeared on my front step with his friend George, ready to go to the concert. So I dash around, grab my stuff, and we're off to downtown. Bai bai mom!

Of course, I never have cash on me anymore, and Seanie only had yen and George didn't have a cent. We couldn't afford a ticket into a parking garage, so we cruised around until six, when parking became free. Because of this, we missed Blue October. **cries** I was so sad...we finally parked and arrived at the park in time to hear the final ten seconds of Blue October's set...mwwrr. The girl who had parked next to us, named Liz, had walked over with us and we'd been talking to her. She was looking for her friend, who she thought would be sitting up front...she sort've invited us to come with her, but Seanie was oblivious and/or didn't wanna so he just told her good-bye and she left. She was nice, tho'. She'll be at Loolapalooza (Audioslave! <3 <3 <3) and yeah. I envy her 'cuz I wanted to go.
Next came an hour's wait for Eve 6. Since standing around doin' nothing sucks, we went over to the McDonald's and I tried to get food, but they wouldn't accept my ATM card. So we walked away with nada. **sniffle** I was so hungry, too!
Eve 6 sucks live, folks. They were terribly off-key and changed the speed of their songs. We ended up leaving during their set because they were just.that.bad. **sigh**

At home I said hello to Auntie Susan and chatted for a while, and then went on-line. From there I quickly got pulled into WoE drama, which I've been paying more attention to in the past few weeks as I've gotten a few complaints about it. It is difficult, because I am not an on-line people person. Hell, I'm not a people-person off-line either, but at least in "real life" I can distract people with short skirts and gorgeous legs. Anyway. It's a rock and a hard place when friends aren't getting along with each other, y'know? Em-poo is one of the most trusted of my 'Net amigas, so I generally leave her decisions be and assume she knows what she's doing. Recently she hasn't been directly taking care of WoE, and has deferred tasks to Tami-poo, whom I like immensely and enjoy interacting with but simply don't have that level of trust with. Shar-poo I haven't really known as long as the other two, but she is also extremely fun to talk to and has been the only person from WoE to actually seek me out and say "Lee, what's up?" and that meant a lot to me.
So I accept what all three say at face value, and at the moment that's conflicting quite a bit. Grrr. There's lots of tension between them, which naturally is bothering other people too, and affecting the attitude of the game. So last night I spent a bit of time talking to all of them individually about this and that and the other thing. I will probably be doing that today as well; and there are a couple of other kids I probably should talk to as well.
But the one thing I've gotten out of it so far as that in one form or another, I need to go back and play WoE again. Because, gosh darn it, I miss it. :-p But first we try to straigten this out a bit...


In other news, I've got to make a set of lj icons, rather than a bunch of random ones. It would just be far more entertaining.

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