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Daddy *really* needs to go back to work...

My da has a new game that he calls “Bring-A-Buddy-To-Brunch.” He plays it every morning, and on certain days gets quite excited and his happy shouts can be heard echoing throughout the halls of our house.
It’s quite a simple game, really. He goes into our downstairs bathroom, which is infested with ants every summer and is worse that usual this year. In the corner of this bathroom lives a spider that Da has gotten quite fond of. He squats down, and begins his game thus:
He gets his index finger into shooting position right next to an unsuspecting ant, and
The ant soars into the air. If the ant lands in the spider’s web, Da scores. If he misses, the ant splats down onto the floor and he must try again. Da can easily pass half an hour or more playing this simple game. **flick** **flick** **flick** While we’re here in Laguna Hills, Da’s been worrying that while he’s gone, the ants will get ahead of him. But he’s easily pacified when we remind him that it means all the more game for him when he gets home again.

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