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Don't know what to feel...

Wow. My grandmother (Chinese side, the living one ^^;) sent me a check for a sizable amount of money after hearing about my financial problems w/ school. Wow! I feel so happy and grateful, but also horribly, horribly guilty, because the last thing I wanted to do was hit her up for money. ;_; She said it was because she didn't like me working weird night hours at BBW...kyaaa! I don't mean to make her worry! I mean, she is *not* a rich woman, so it is a lot for her to give me this. I don't want to take it because I don't want to be the charity granddaughter that everyone bails out whenever she's in trouble.'s money! I need that baaaad for school...
Thank you Popo. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

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