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Lookit the monkey!

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Thank you, random spammer, but I'm just not interested today.

Boi came to play bright and early this morning while I was still at work. Since he'd said the night before he wouldn't be in San Jose 'til three or four, I had been exceptionally lazy before work and hadn't showered, or shaved my legs, or done the least bit to clean myself up, and I was dressed most unstylishly, even by the lax standards I apply to the bakery. But he was there and so I sold him a muffin and talked to him inbetween slicing cinnamon bread loaves.

At nine Bobbie clocked in and we clocked out. Everyone was checking him out when we left. ^^; As Bobbie says, when Sailor puts his head down or you're looking at him from behind, you can't tell him from a girl. Once home, he crawled off to sleep in my bed and I took a nice shower and tried to pretty myself up a bit. ^_^; Didn't do much good, but I tried. We hung out for a while at home, until it was time for me to go to class. The lecture was on Fashion in Ancient Egypt, and frankly I saw no reason to go, since I've studied that before. The teacher's lectures are based off of Powerpoint projections, and yesterday the projector broke anyway, and I highly doubt it was operational again. So instead of going to class I hung out with Boi.

We went to Barnes & Noble's to see if any interesting manga had come out, and there we ran into Peter, one of the guys who was in the anime club last year. Part of me wanted to ignore him, but that seemed exceptionally rude, since he was right there in front of the manga, so I walked up to him and said "Boo!" (In retrospect, he was so absorbed in whatever he was reading that I could have very easily ignored him and he'd never know. Ah well. Live 'n' learn.) We talked for a while – well, mostly he did – and the fact that he's got the entire manga/comic book section of B&N memorized frightens me, because it isn't as if he works there. I didn't see anything too interesting, and the entire conversation began to bore me, so we departed and he returned to his comic books, once again oblivious to the world.

We went to lunch at Burger King, and tossed around the idea of going to see Pirates of the Caribbean because Boi still hasn't seen it (and I didn't see the final scene when I went the first time) but it wasn't playing until super-late at the Almaden Cinema so we abandoned that idea. Since we were now fairly close to where his Grandmother lives, we decided to spring a surprise visit on her (How Samchan imagines the conversation would've gone: "Hi Grandma! I haven't seen you in like a year or two now but it's me, your grandson, and my girlfriend?" "What happened to A-chan?" "I'm A-chan! I just just about every way possible. ^^;;" "" "Well, I tried.") Unfortunately, she wasn't home, so she'll just have to be graced with my presence some other day.

Boi suggested we go to Penpals, a store with "a little bit of everything." From the way he described it, I imagined one of those little Asian junk stores that crop up occasionally in shopping centers. Usually they have an odd selection of makeup and jewelry, weird china collectibles, ugly clothing, and strange Hong Kong rip-offs of anime products. Apparently this store had been renovated far past that, because it was a Sanrio 'n' stuff shop – but mostly Sanrio. Some anime wall scrolls hung from one wall and some assorted bits 'n' pieces were scattered about, but far and large the store was dominated by Hello Kitty. One of the workers knew Sailor so they talked for a bit while I poked around the store looking for Keroppi items. (All they had were a couple of stickers. Aaaaaw.) We left without buying anything; I thought about buying a pack of gum for Kero, but I didn't see any Keroppi ones. There was a strange little Keroppi gum dispenser, tho', but it was ugly so I left it alone.

Since Kelley Park was nearby and we didn't know what else to do, we drove there and walked around for a while. First we went into the Japanese Friendship Gardens and fed the koi fish that live in the ponds. The were huge fat fish of every color in the rainbow that were gorgeous and they swished and splashed in the water, but I really liked the smaller fish. They weren't as brightly colored – they were generally dark grey and black – but they moved faster and were like hyper little children. When you threw one of the food pellets into the water, they scrambled and fought for the food, flashing their shiny underbellies as they swam frenetically. The bigger fish, while prettier, just sort've shoved the other fish out of the way and gulped the pellet down. It wasn't nearly as exciting. I gave a couple of pellets to a little boy who wanted to throw some at the fish; he reminded me of my brother and I when we used to go to the gardens with Daddy, back in the day. When we were walking out we saw a bunch of city workers cleaning out one of the ponds. One of the younger workers was taking a break and playing with a crawdad. It was so funny! He was holding a rake and he'd dangle it in front of the crawdad and the crustatean would jab at it with its claw, just like a kitty slashes at a piece of string.
Being in Kelley Park brought back a lot of childhood memories, since we used to go there all the time with Daddy. ^_^ It was so funny! I've never been there on my own, I've always had to have a guy take me there. ^_^ Anyway, after playing with the fish for a while Boi and I decided to check out the zoo and park at Happy Hollow, which is on the other side of Kelley Park. We went to the zoo first. It's tiny, especially compared to how I remember it when I was a kid, but it was still so much fun. The first animals are capybaras, and they were all lazy and weren't doing anything interesting. We moved on to the jaguar, who for the first time in my memory was up and about. He was stalking the edges of his cage, probably hunting all the little kids and cute girls he saw. ^^; He had such a purtiful would've looked great on me – just kidding! ^_^; Fur belongs on giant jaguar-kitties, yup yup! There were lots of lemurs, and most of them were sleeping because it was the middle of the day. I thought that the black-and-white lemurs looked a lot like Boi when he sleeps – they even twitch funny like he does and have big buggy eyes when they're startled awake. ^_^ In the petting zoo there was one tired-looking llama, a Truffles (mini-horse), a donkey who was VERY friendly and kinda cute in a "I'm-a-jackass" way, and three goats that looked like they would eat me if I walked into their pen. There were pretty swans and a giant tortoise that's been there forever and'll probably stay there forever, too. The hippopotomaus, which I was looking forward to seeing, wasn't there anymore ;_; but the pygmy pigs were and that ALMOST made it all better. There was a funny deer-creature – a merjak? I don't remember what it was called – and he had fangs! That's just so hilarious in a deer-like animal. There were a bunch of molting, ratty-looking macaws. (Funny I never noticed how dirty the animals looked when I was a kid. ;-p) There's also this funny black monkey who was being very noisy. Daddy used to always say he was a bad boy, and that's why his cage was at the back of the zoo. He was very naughty today, because he peed in front of us. But then, a trip to the zoo never seems complete unless you see at least one animal urinating and/or defacating. Heh. Boi got me a smooshed penny with the jaguar on it, which was cool, because I collect those.

In the actual park there's a bunch of rides, none of which are ever operational or usable for people over ten. There's a couple of carasols – horses and sea life, I think. Some spinning rides in the shape of ladybugs or cars, too. There's a dragon-shaped train that goes around the park, too, but of course it was broken. I think that in the entire park, there were three operational rides. ;_; Kinda sad, but that's typical of Happy Hollow. There were working vending machines all over the place – you could hear the tinny little tunes they pop out everywhere. We walked around everywhere, poking our heads into the various little houses that are scattered everywhere. We went through the maze, which unfortunately no longer prevents a challenge because we're now taller than the maze walls. The funhouse mirrors were entertaining; I found one that gave the long, gorgeous legs I'd need to be a fashion model. Sigh. Too bad I can't just cart that thing around with me everywhere. We also went in one of those little photobooth machines that take the strip of four photos, but none of those photos will ever see the light of day because they're too silly. ^_^;; We couldn't really do much, because we're all grown up now (sob!) but it was fun to see everything and remember how much fun it was when we were kids. Nostalgia, man. It's such a good moneymaker if you can exploit it! For sure!

Eventually everything started to close up so we went home, where we fell asleep 'til Kero called and we went bowling. It was a cool foursome – Kero and me with our bois, Sean and Sailor. We teamed up girls vs. boys and played one round of bowling. Our bois sucked. They kept getting gutter ball after gutter ball. ;_; Sailor blames his ball, but I dunno... It was so much fun, and not just because Kero and I won! (Kero got the highest score – yay! Last time I bowled with her she got the lowest, so it was a cool change!) As a group we just all get along really well. The bois are gamers and Kero and I are TABs and it all works out fab-yoo-lous!
After our game was completed I took Boi over to his friend's house and then came home.

Smashing fabulous day.
(Side note: My icon up above was taken at Happy Hollow back in good ol' '89. If you look at the other icons, 'kewpie' where I'm wearing a red hat is also Happy Hollow, but I don't remember the year. ^_^ Random trivia.)

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