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La la la la la.

Boi and I played again on Thursday. Whee. We were both sleepyheads, despite trying to get enough sleep the night before, so we didn't go anywhere all day long. He and I just sort've moped around my house, talking and trying to convince Boi to wear lipstick on his pretty pouty lips when we weren't sleeping. At one point we were being a little bit dirty when my brother knocked on the door and scared the shit out of both of us, because we hadn't realized he was home. Meep. He's very good, and unlike my Mom he doesn't open the door to see what's going on. ^^;;
We went downstairs and boi ate my mommy's noodles, which would've pleased her if she'd been home, and he would've scored valuable bonus points with her.
Around five-thirty-ish I dropped him off at the bus stop so I could go to West Valley for my night class. ^^; I felt bad because if we'd left earlier I could've taken him to Logan's instead of a bus stop, but oh well. I don't think he really minded, overall.
I had to buy a textbook at West Valley, so I went into the bookstore to buy it before class. (I was going to be late anyway, so I figured another ten minutes wouldn't kill me.) The girl at the register was very friendly and cheerful. She asked me if I was a fashion major, and I said yes, and then she said, "I knew it! You looked so pretty and stylish when you were walking over I thought you MUST be a fashion student." Yes, stroke that ego. I mean, it's nice 'n' all to hear that from your friends and your boi, but it's a REAL ego-lift when someone you've never met before says you look good. My ego went like THIIIIIIIS. ^_^ We talked for a couple of minutes, and then another customer came over and I suddenly remembered I had a class to get too. Heh. :-p

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