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Day in Santa Cruz

Whee! Today I went down to Santa Cruz with Sailor – well, technically Felton, because that tiny little excuse of civilization is where he actually lives. I picked him up in San Jose, but we took the bus down because I didn't want to try to drive there in Krueger, who can be very unreliable in his bitter old age. The view as the bus drove down highway 17 is very pretty, but I was mostly half-asleep on the boi instead of looking out the windows. We were having weird geeky conversations about star trek 'n' stuff most of the ride. In Scotts Valley we transferred buses (with a surprisingly short wait between the two buses) and rode for about ten minutes to the beginning of the street Sailor lives on.

It was a stinky hot day, so while it was a short walk to his house – less than a mile – it made my VERY out-of-shape body short on breath. X_x (Gotta work on that tae-bo, I guess!) His driveway is extremely steep, and going up that thing was a pain in the royal ass and I'm so glad I don't have to do it every day.

First he showed me his horses, because they were right there by the house and HORSIES ARE PURTIFUL!! (I'm not a horse person, like his mommy, but they're pretty animals. ^_^ Fa sho!) Only two of them were home, though, because the female horse was out getting pregnant or something. Horsie whore, she is! Then into the comfortably messy house we went, where boi showed me his room and I saw a Kenny (South Park) shirt in a drawer and pounced on it while he gathered up his laundry. ^_^ I put it on and upstairs we went, and boi made breakfast/lunch. It was a super-yummy ham-and-cheese omelette, the best one I've had in AGES! Unlike Mommy, boi puts different spices in, so it was tasty good. I'm drooling just thinking about it....**drool** ANYWAY, the eggs for the omelette were from boi's chickens, which I wanted to see, but now that I think about it we never got around to seeing them. ;_; aaaaaw...

Upstairs is where his family lives, and his mommy has horses EVERYWHERE. It's scary. There's horse statues/figures/models/etc. on every bare surface, made of every imaginable material. I guess when they hit a certain age, women just collect stuff? Bandaid's mom does the same thing with dragons...**shrug** The kitchen was terrifyingly messy in a way that begged ants, but I didn't see any. Mom would've gone insane at the mere thought of that many unwashed dishes, tho'. Hee. I shouldn't be commenting on other peoples' housekeeping, since I know mine SUCKS. Moving on...

After food Sailor had to take care of some insurance stuff for his car, so he was on the phone and I entertained myself for a while. Finally he was done and we just hung out for a while being cuddly li'l dorks. ^_^ Yup yup. Then boi had to take a shower before heading off to work (his laundry was finally done so he had clean clothes, which is a GOOD thing because the clothes he'd been wearing were STINKY!) and while he was in the shower he got a bloody nose and that just cracked me up to no end.

When his nose was all better we got ready to leave and walked very quickly down the steep driveway and back down the road and then down another road 'til we got to a drugstore, and inside boi got me water so I wouldn't get dehydrated on the way home, and ice cream because ice cream is GOOD FOR YOU. The bus to Sailor's work had already arrived, so we hurried over there only to realize boi'd left his backpack in the store. So while he was sprinting back to get it, I chatted with the bus driver and tried to check my phone (but there was no reception.) On the bus were people Sailor knows, but I am a snobbette who doesn't talk to weird hicks on buses so I tuned out. ^_^;;;

We got off the bus at Round Table Pizza, which is his lovely place of employment, and I got introduced to several coworkers and a Hawaiian pizza was ordered for me to take home. Boi fed me a lot today. ^^; He feeds me a lot when he has money. He's trying to fatten me up, I think. Then he'll stick me in the pizza oven and bake me! ;_;

When I went back out to catch the next bus to Scotts Valley, it was the same guy who'd driven us to the Round Table. Yay!
Me: **holding bus pass** Do I need to show you this again?
Driver: Oh, you were on my bus before!
Me: Yep, I'm the Ice Cream Girl!
Driver: Still haven't brought me any ice cream, I see.
Me: Sowwies!

So I went home. Whee. Home being San Jose – once back in town, I swung by Bath & Body Works to pick up my pay check and talk to Kitty before going home.

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